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Life is busy today. People find it even difficult to accommodate time for themselves. In such a scenario an important aspect of lief is often neglected – the religion. But technology has an answer to everything. introduced Quran Mobile, Enmac MQ3500 in India that is a great example of IT enabling spiritual connection.

This Enmac Quran Mobile is an incredible handset that comes with the complete Quran, people can keep themselves connected with their roots and their religion.

Today, a mobile phone has become an important part of everyone’s life. So, it is the best gadget to promote religion and keep in connection with one’s faith with great ease. The Quran mobile- Enmac MQ3500 is one such handset which helps a person to keep himself in touch with his religion easily. The Enmac MQ3500 comes with complete Quran recitation in voice of world renowned 7 Qari. Thus, you can listen to the pious teachings of the holy Quran whenever you want. This handset has Quran translation in 29 languages therefore you can pick a language in which you are most comfortable with. You also get the complete Tafseer and authentic Hadeeth books collection. In this handset, you get synchronized Quran text and translation with recitation audio. Thus, keeping oneself in sync with one’s religion is easy in this hectic life. You can also find other Islamic books and Dua albums in this handset.

The Enmac MQ3500 is the first of its kind mobile to be launched in India. This handset allows you to acquaint yourself with the pious teachings of the Holy Quran. Bookmarking option is also available for Surah/Verses. Thus, you can easily pick up reading the Surah from where you left. You need not make an exhaustive search as you can easily bookmark the Surah or the Verse.

It is a fabulous mobile phone which helps the young Muslim generation to connect with their religion in a convenient way. The handset is loaded with Quran in beautiful Uthmanic Arabic text style font which enhances the true spirit of reading the holy teachings. Youngsters can easily access synchronized Quran text and complete translation with recitation audio. The Quran mobile phones is loaded with other stunning features that will easily help today’s generation to connect with their religion and their faith in the most convenient way.

You can present the Quran Mobile to your children and make them aware of the holy teachings of the Quran. The phone can only be purchased at One can buy Enmac MQ3500 at, India’s trusted comparison shopping website. It offers Enmac MQ3500 at a discounted price.

See TolMol launches Quran Mobile in India for more.

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BlackBerry mobile phones are selling in India at heavy discounts. On, India’s leading comparison shopping website, RIM’s ravishing smartphone BlackBerry 8830 is on sale at 63% discount.

BlackBerry was quick to catch on with mobile users in India and it continues to be a rage among all segments. The affordability of the device was earlier keeping its reach limited but with deals such as one on TolMol, it’s sure to find many more owners. With Rakhi, the festival that celebrates the love and affection between a brother and sister, nearing BlackBerry is sure to become one of the most gifted gadgets.

On BlackBerry 8830, one can save almost Rs. 8000. That’s a huge saving to encourage those who have been aspiring for this coveted smartphone to buy BlackBerry 8830 mobile.

BlackBerry 8830

The phone offers GSM and CDMA and is ideal for people who travel frequently. No matter which part of the globe you are, you have better chances of staying connected to your family, friends, and business with this phone. And that’s what makes BlackBerry 8830 buy a smart buy.

RIM’s phones are known for their security features. As you go from network to network, place to place, it ensures your data is protected. The remote wipe feature gives you the power to clean your personal data in a snap in case it’s lost or stolen. Many other mobile phones also promise similar features but RIM is the clear leader in this department. The multiple layers of encryption and security make BlackBerry the most secure mobile phone in the market. A price tag of under 5000 is truly an incredible deal.

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