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A Dual SIM Mobile phone contains two SIM card slots which, depending upon the phone model, can be made active alternatively or simultaneously. The switch from one SIM card to another, the phone may provide a dedicated switch button or it may expect you to replace/swap the SIM cards.

People prefer DUAL SIM mobiles as they allow them to have multiple phone numbers assigned to the same mobile handset. Mobile phone brands like Samsung Mobiles and Spice Mobiles sell various models in India that feature Dual SIM cards. Especially, Spice DUAL SIM mobiles are quite popular due to their low price.

The option to have two numbers for the same mobile handset helps people keep their work and personal lives far apart. Who likes to receive a call from the boss on a personal mobile number? And, who would prefer roaming around carrying two separate mobile handsets – one for work and other for personal use?  The DUAL SIM Mobile option works great. It relieves you of added load and those surprise calls.

If the two SIM cards support CDMA and GSM networks then even better. You can now have two numbers from two different carriers and never be out of the network. They ensure you have better chance of constant connectivity something that our high voltage lives demand from us. Spice Mobiles sells many such DUAL SIM phones for reasonable price tag.

These phones also work for mobile users who travel from one country to another. They don’t need to buy special international phones. They can simply pop out the SIM card and replace it with the local SIM.

You would imagine that a DUAL SIM mobile is much more expensive than a normal handset but that’s not the case. These phones can often cost you lesser than a standard phone – it all depends what other features you are paying for.

Below are some of the DUAL SIM mobiles available in India:

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