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Nokia, world’s largest mobile maker, might be struggling to get a strong foothold elsewhere but in India it’s synonymous to mobile phones. The Finnish cell phone company is one of the biggest brands in India. And, the Nokia reach is not limited to metros like Delhi, Mumbai, and Bangalore – the name has touched the lives of Rural India as well.

If you travel across India, you’ll spot Nokia phone outlets in every nook and corner of the country. The distribution network that the company has built is impressive. Keeping the economic diversity of India in mind, Nokia offers a huge range of mobile phones starting from as low as Rs. 1000/- and all the way up to Rs. 30000 to 40,000 luxury handsets.

Nokia also extends special promotional offers to Indian farmers and students. For example, as part of a pilot program in Andhra Pradesh, Nokia sold special mobile phones to farmers on monthly installment scheme. Farmers could make a modest Rs. 200 monthly payment over a span of one year. These special mobiles came equipped with farming focused applications which allowed farmers to check crop prices, best markets, weather conditions etc. (Read the full story on Nokia’s Farmer Mobile Phones)

N Series and ExpressMusic Nokia phones are among the most popular Nokia Mobiles in India. Nokia has been launching new mobile models in India at the speed of light. There is no segment of Indian communities that Nokia is ignoring – it has its eyes on everyone from farmers and students to professionals and enterprise users.

While Nokia dominates the Indian mobile market, the road ahead does look more crowded. So far, the company has had a free run but  now BlackBerry smartphones from Research and Motion, cheaper feature-packed mobiles from HTC, and some unique handsets from Samsung and Motorola are building up a good competition to Nokia. Nokia has launched multi-pronged initiatives to maintain its lead in India. The increased focus on students and rural markets, revamping of Nokia Ovi store, and encouraging developers to create innovative Nokia phone apps are part of its renewed strategy. How much it will pay off, when the larger picture of Nokia mobiles look a bit bleak in front of formidable competitors, only time will tell. For now, the brand Nokia sells like hot cakes in India.

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