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Thinking of buying a new television? Why not? Holiday season is here, the discounts are at their best, and having fun with the family is high on everyone’s list.  But the tough part is that this year we have a new TV technology to evaluate. Yes, TVs are not just of Plasma, Projection, Flat Panel, or LCD type – they have gotten a new family member in LED based LCD televisions. Many would still prefer calling this new breed of televisions as LCD televisions but the reality is that they are technologically superior to traditional LCD televisions. These LED TVs are also eco-friendly and consume lesser power.

Samsung is the primary LED TV brand at the moment. Samsung LED TVs have been selling like hot cakes despite their high cost and the ongoing economic slowdown.  See what makes Samsung LED TV so popular.

Another thing worth noticing is that this euphoria surrounding the Samsing LED TVs and various other factors have driven the traditional LCD TV prices down. And, that offers a pretty exciting TV buying opportunity for consumers who are looking to get a new TV set this season. For under $1,000 you can buy 40″ to 42″ LCD television.

The prices of traditional LCD TVs might have gone down but LED TVs do have their advantages over LCD TVs that are worth considering.  See LED TV vs LED TV article for more details.

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  1. Ganesh Jayaraman on Sunday 22, 2009

    My wife wanted to move up to an EOS from an Elph. I decided to try this camera out instead. We really didn’t want to deal with lenses and any of the manual selections on the EOS. This camera has a great zoom and flash. Highly recommended.