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Some mobile phones get launched, draw some discussions in the blogosphere, and then get out of our memories for good. Primarily because such mobile phones lack innovation. They offer nothing that we have not seen or experienced before. Nokia Mural is one such mobile phone. A basic 3G mobile phone without too many bells and whistles. Without having anything that you can call fresh. The only new thing it brought along was an illuminating color. And how many consumers would buy a mobile just because it shines when they use it?

Nokia Mural price was expected to be the key highlight of the phone. But $49.99 along with two years AT&T service plan is no cheap. The features that Nokia Mural brings include MP2 Player, 2 megapixel camera, 3G compatibility, and 16 GB of memory. In many ways Nokia Mural looks like Motorola Razor of yesteryears. Today, given the mobile competition, Nokia Mural price should have been much lower.  Nokia’s objective was to make Mural a mass phone. But most mass phones are offered for free with 2-3 years service plans.

Nokia Mural most certainly looks good. It’s slim and comes in nice color options. But the fact remains that it offers nothing that you cannot find in other competitor phones. I hope, the next mobile phone from Nokia will be a smartphone that competes head on with Motorola Droid, Apple iPhone, and BlackBerry. Nokia is under tremendous pressure to make analysts happy, so let’s see what 2010 holds for this Finnish mobile company. Let’ s see what kind of new murals come our of Nokia mobile mill.

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  1. Jen on Monday 23, 2009

    If anyone knows anything about how to use the Motorola Razor phone v3 please let me know. I bought a used one and have no manual. Anyone know where I can find one?