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If you want the comfort of an air conditioner but don’t want to pay a hefty price, buy a Windows Air Conditioner. It not only fits the window but bill too!

Window AC’s are popular choice as they are economical, easy to install, uninstall, operate, and maintain. Size is the only downside of Window ACs. They shine in every other department.  The underlying technology of a Window AC is not much different than a Split AC  (See Window AC vs Split AC for detailed difference between the two). The key distinction is that a window AC is a single unit, all package in one, room air conditioner. Split on the other hand comes in two pieces – one goes on the wall and other outside the building.

As far as features are concerned you can pretty much find all features of a Split AC in Windows AC. Just that you’ll have to settle for a larger size and be willing to give up one of your windows to the AC unit.

All the Top AC brands offer Window air conditioner units. And usually they come in wide price ranges. You can find and compare the Window AC Prices on TolMol, a price comparison website. You can also see what all brands and models are available, what buyers are saying about each, and what would suite your needs best.

Compare Window AC’s and buy smart!

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