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Chargers are one of the most important mobile phone or MP3 player accessories. An out of charge gadgets is of no use. You can find universal chargers or brand specific chargers. Most iPhone chargers work with iPods as well. However, it’s not necessary that a iPhone iPod charger works with all the iphone ipod models.

Some of the key things to consider while buying a mobile or mp3 player charger include:

  • Size/Weight: An iPhone iPod charger should be small in size. You don’t want to move around with a bulky charger. It must be light and small that fits comfortably in your laptop or carry-on bag.
  • Compatibility: While many people like gadgets very few like the chargers, wires, etc. You want your charger to be compatible with as many devices as possible. Fewer chargers, better it is. You don’t want to travel with a load of chargers. I would recommend a charger that can serve both Apple iPhone as well as Apple iPod and may be even Apple iPad. All in one is always the best choice.
  • Price: You also want to see how much you are paying for the little accessory. Generally, you should be able to buy an iPhone or iPod charger for $5 to $10. You shouldn’t have to pay more than that.
  • Reliability: Finally, don’t waste your money on some used charger which could be already nearing the end. You want to pay for an iPhone / iPod charger that will give you its full life.

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