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The thought that you don’t have to drive to IMAX for enjoying a 3D movie is exciting but the price of 3D TVs is still a bit of challenge. These TV’s are not meant for masses yet. Who knows when the prices will actually come down but they should hit the sanity levels in next couple of years. Speed with which various manufacturers have launched their 3D TV models, it is possible that we’ll see the prices getting very competitive very soon.

TV brands like Samsung, Sony and Panasonic have created a good buzz for 3D TVs. India is celebrating major festivals of the season – Durga Puja and Diwali. TV manufacturers are running heavy ad campaigns to promote their 3D TVs and other LCD TVs. Even in the US, the sales of LCD TVs are expected to spike during holiday season. Consumers are likely to enjoy heavy price cuts in general LCD TV category. If you have been waiting to buy a large screen LCD TV there cannot be a better time to buy it.

But in all the sales and discounts, don’t forget to look at 3D TVS. They redefine home entertainment. Whether you like watching movies or playing games, 3D TV is an excellent buy. Just watch out for discounts and grab your first 3D TV.

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