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BlackBerry mobile phones are selling in India at heavy discounts. On, India’s leading comparison shopping website, RIM’s ravishing smartphone BlackBerry 8830 is on sale at 63% discount.

BlackBerry was quick to catch on with mobile users in India and it continues to be a rage among all segments. The affordability of the device was earlier keeping its reach limited but with deals such as one on TolMol, it’s sure to find many more owners. With Rakhi, the festival that celebrates the love and affection between a brother and sister, nearing BlackBerry is sure to become one of the most gifted gadgets.

On BlackBerry 8830, one can save almost Rs. 8000. That’s a huge saving to encourage those who have been aspiring for this coveted smartphone to buy BlackBerry 8830 mobile.

BlackBerry 8830

The phone offers GSM and CDMA and is ideal for people who travel frequently. No matter which part of the globe you are, you have better chances of staying connected to your family, friends, and business with this phone. And that’s what makes BlackBerry 8830 buy a smart buy.

RIM’s phones are known for their security features. As you go from network to network, place to place, it ensures your data is protected. The remote wipe feature gives you the power to clean your personal data in a snap in case it’s lost or stolen. Many other mobile phones also promise similar features but RIM is the clear leader in this department. The multiple layers of encryption and security make BlackBerry the most secure mobile phone in the market. A price tag of under 5000 is truly an incredible deal.

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