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Samsung LCD TVs offer best value for money but what Samsung TV is good for you. If you are looking for a small sized Samsung LCD TV then series 3 and series 4 TVs are best. You can buy a 32″ LCD TV by spending about $549 or $649 depending upon which series you opt for. But how do you decide what series is right for you? Here is a nice comparison of Samsung LCD TV series.

If you think extra $100 is not too much, I would recommend you buy a series 4 TV as it gives you better TV quality. But you have to decide for yourself what matters to you. It’s best to walk into an electronics store or samsung showroom to see the difference in picture quality. Generally, it’s not easy to sense the difference in a lighted showroom. You can ask the salesman to give you a demo of various types of scenes – too dark, too bright, fast moving, closeup and a distant scene. This will help you in better seeing the difference between the two TV types.

The hundred dollar amount is not too much but why waste even a single dollar extra on something you know you can live without. Samsung LCD TVs are superb quality televisions. They give you a wide variety to choose from depending upon your needs. So intead of jumping for a particular model, see and compare all your options before you buy one.

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  1. P. Carpenter on Tuesday 27, 2009

    We love this camera! It’s a bit complicated to learn, but has a lot of features and the quality is great. I’m anxious to get some other lenses to use now. We purchased it mainly because our daughter is taking an advanced photography class, but I’m also having fun playing around with the settings and learning digital photography. I wouldn’t say it’s professional, but it’s a very good camera to start out with.