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The war between WikiLeaks supporters and its opponents heated up after the arrest of WikiLeaks founder. The series of incidents give us a glimpse of what a cyberwar could look like.  Those who don’t want to see WikiLeaks leak any more damaging material, started urging or may be pressurizing those who were directly or indirectly supporting the activities of WikiLeaks.

For example, first blow came from Amazon whose cloud was the breeding ground for WikiLeaks primary website Amazon refused to host the website. This didn’t deter WikiLeaks, the site soon showed up thriving on the servers of a Switzerland hosting service provider. Next blow came from companies like MasterCard and PayPal who stopped accepting donations towards WikiLeaks. This was another way to put a pause to WikiLeaks – cut the funds and site will die its own death. But this back fired.

WikiLeaks supporters hacked both MasterCard and PayPal websites disrupting their business. And this was just the beginning. Who knows how long this will last.

In the meantime WikiLeaks is up on hundreds of mirror websites around the world. If one site goes down other is ready to send out the boiling streams down the internet lanes. The supporters of WikiLeaks claim that to stop us you would have to bring the whole internet down.

Below are some of those WikiLeak mirror sites

Wikileaks Mirrors

If one wikileaks site goes down, another pops-ups

Wikileaks Links

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